What Is IHS MiniThon 2024?

IHS Mini-THON is organized by IHS Leadership Seminar and is inspired by Penn State’s annual THON, a 46 hour dance marathon that benefits The Four Diamonds Fund, a charity that directly supports families of children with pediatric cancer. Participants are not permitted to sit down for the entire 46 hours! Traditionally, at Mini-THON, we stand for six continuous hours, engaging in many activities from volleyball and scooter races to listening to guest speakers. At the end of the night, the total amount of money raised over the months of planning and fundraising is revealed. This is a very special event and is a staple of the IHS experience you don’t want to miss out on!

2024 Overall Chairs

If you have further questions regarding Mini-THON, or are interested in contributing to our efforts, please reach out to the Mini-THON overall chairs!

IHS Leadership

IHS Leadership Seminar is a student-led organization of seniors who serve leadership roles in our school community. These seniors meet daily to work towards objectives that benefit both our school and local community. This year, Leadership’s mission statement is: “There is room enough for everyone, if everyone makes some room.” a message that is especially important in the context of the organization’s biggest event, MiniTHON. Additionally, Leadership provides informational videos about current events at our school and provides resources to make the students at IHS feel safe, welcome, and supported.

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